About Plastics Recycling Exhibition

Circular Economy (Circular Economy) is a topic discussed by people professionally related to the industry and is one of the main directions of strategic thinking about the development of the European Union economy. The latest Circular Economy Action Plan issued by the European Commission is part of the European Green Deal and efforts to achieve climate neutrality and resource efficiency by 2050.

The topic of Circular Economy and recycling of plastics was featured during the past editions of INNOFORM®. Due to the fact that the development of the molding industry is directly related to the processing of plastics and their recycling, the organizers decided to go even further and separate the Plastics Recycling Exhibition in part of the exhibition. In order for the production and use of plastics not to have a negative impact on the natural environment, continuous efforts are needed to process and reuse as much plastic as possible. The organizers invite entrepreneurs who offer machines, tools, materials and services for the development of recycling to participate in the event.


Thematic scope:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of machinery and equipment for plastics recycling, as well as peripherals
  • Plastics recycling technologies (mechanical and chemical)
  • Waste collection and management
  • Ecodesign entities
  • Producers of regranulates - recyclers of plastics
  • Suppliers of regranulates (commercial companies)
  • R&D units/R&D centers dealing with the subject of plastics recycling
  • Advisors and consultants in the area of plastics recycling and Circular Economy
  • Logistics
  • Industry organizations
  • Recovery organizations
  • Monitoring systems
  • Specialized laboratories