Advertising services


Choose an advertising option that fair attendees will see before entering the building.

    • Banery.jpg

    Banner on the facade of BCTW

    The most exclusive segment of outdoor advertising for special occasions! It is an advertisement with dimensions of 5.83 m x 4.01 m. The project is provided by the ordering party. The price includes printing, assembly and disassembly of the mesh.

    EUR 714,29
    • flagi.jpg

    Advertising flag

    You can't miss this ad! Flags are the perfect way to mark your presence at the Fair. Flag dimensions: 140 cm x 520 cm The printout is provided by the ordering party.

    EUR 166,67


Advertise in the BCTW building - this is where the fair will be held, gathering several thousand people.

    • IMG20230628114826.jpg

    Advertising on televisions in the lobby and corridors of BCTW

    45-second spots displayed on large-format screens are an interesting and eye-catching form of promotion. The spot is delivered by the ordering party according to the organizer's guidelines.

    EUR 202,38
    • naklejki.png

    Floor stickers - footprint - individual pricing

    A set of stickers leading from the entrance to the hall to your stand. Following the eye-catching stickers, customers will go straight to your stand.

    • rollupy.jpg

    Roll-up display

    Specially prepared surfaces in the vicinity of doors and communication routes allow you to display your advertisement in a visible way.

    EUR 119,05/m2
    • identyfikator.png

    Trade fair badge

    An exclusive form of exclusive promotion. Each visitor receives an identifier with your advertisement on the reverse. The project is delivered by the ordering party according to the organizer's guidelines.

    EUR 952,38
    • smycz.jpg

    Trade fair lanyard

    Provide us with lanyards with your logotype, and each visitor will attach it to the trade fair badge. This is an exclusive offer, lanyards are provided by the ordering party. Quantity to be determined individually.

    EUR 619,05
    • 28ebd29cc142b539a8ed5a99476315cc.png

    Company logo on the fair bag

    Company logo on the fair bag - each visitor will receive a bag with your company logo. Just like the logo on the badge and the trade fair lanyard, it is a prestigious limited offer that can only be used by one company.

    EUR 714,29
    • dystrybucja hostessa.jpg

    Distribution of advertising materials by the hostess

    Your folders or gadgets given to customers by the hostess are a nice gesture that focuses attention on your offer.

    EUR 547,62.
    • mezczyzna-rece-trzymajac-pusta-karte.jpg

    Distribution of advertising materials on your own

    Do you prefer to hand out your promotional materials to customers yourself? This offer is just for you.

    EUR 357,14
    • dystrybucja.png

    Display of advertising materials

    Do you want to show off your product offer, offer special prices for your products, launch a new production line? order the distribution of materials via the fair service, we will hand them over to participants during registration and display them at the fair reception.

    EUR 595,24
    • logo na planie innoform.jpg

    Logo on the plan of the fair

    Logo on the plan of the fair - your logo will be on the map of the fair, which each participant will receive at the visitor registration points and the fair reception. Your stand will be easy to find, and additionally your brand will become established in the minds of potential customers.

    EUR 59,52
    • baner.png

    Banner on the mezzanine inside the exhibition hall

    Clearly visible from the exhibition hall banner placed on the mezzanine is an interesting form of distinguishing and promoting the company.

    EUR 428,57


Reach visitors through our online channels! Choose one or more of the options below.

    • hiperlink.png

    Hyperlink on the list of exhibitors to the company's website

    Each participant entering the list of exhibitors will be immediately redirected to your company's website and will plan a visit to your stand before the fair.

    EUR 47,62
    • inn.png

    Posting presentations on SM and News on the Fair website

    Reach customers through our internet channels! invite customers to your stand, provide information about products, services, new products in your offer. The presentation will be posted on FB, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as in News on the event website. The content is provided by the ordering party according to the organizer's guidelines.

    EUR 238,10
    • inn - newsletter.png

    Banner in the newsletter

    Place the graphic in our newsletter sent to tens of thousands of trade fair subscribers. The graphics are provided by the ordering party according to the organizer's guidelines.

    EUR 238,10