Thematic scope
  • tools for plastics processing: injection moulds, blow moulds, extrusion heads, rubber processing moulds
  • cutting tools
  • technologies, equipment and materials for reverse engineering
  • technologies, machine tools and equipment for removal processing, joining and coating of metals
  • technologies, machinery and equipment for surface treatment and finishing
  • plastics processing
  • materials, raw materials: steels, semi-finished products, actuators, standardised machine elements, electrical fittings​
  • lubricants, coolants and their ingredients
  • control and measurement instrumentation
  • technological equipment
  • modelling, visualisation and simulation of the injection molding process,
  • specialised CAD/CAM/CAE software
  • equipment for industrial plants
  • automation and robotisation of manufacturing
  • recycling
  • logistics
  • services

This is where the industry meets

  • metalowa_czerwien.png
  • narzedzia_specjalne_granat.png
    manufacturing of special tools
  • tworzywa_czerwien.png
    plastics processing
  • maszyny_granat.png
  • elektro_czerwien_1.png
    electronic, electrotechnical
  • transport_granat.png
    automotive, railroad, aviation
  • meble_czerwien.png
  • opakowania_granat.png
    manufacturing of packaging
  • chemiczna_farmaceutyczna_czerwien.png
    chemical and pharmaceutical
  • spozywcza_granat.png
  • medyczna_czerwien.png
  • rolnictwo_ogrodnictwo_granat.png
    gardening, farming