Novelties at the INNOFORM® Trade Fair

Novelties at the stands of INNOFORM® Trade Fair Exhibitors

  • 100% natural and biodegradable BSR material

5sAUTOMATE Sp. z o.o. – Stand 106
  • AirSkin, Visual Components, GTE, PickIt

A. Marciniak OT. sp. z o.o. - Stand 105
  • TTW-900 by Tracytec
New micro welding machine TTW-900 by Tracytec.
New range of sprays for moulds by Mouldpro.
Anti corrosion NANO Mould Coating.

  • The new Series of screw compressors
The Airpress Group presents the new Series of screw compressors with a power range from 7.5 HP to 50 HP. The APS X series is available in fixed or variable speed (IVR) versions equipped with new generation of screw modules. In this serie we used an innovative direct drive, thanks to which allowing you to save energy while maintaining the highest efficiency.

Baumalog Sp. z o.o. - Stand 110
  • The Modula Slim
  • MonoTower Lite 

The Modula Slim vertical lift module is characterized by its compact size and versatility - it occupies only 3 m2 of space, it can be up to 7 m high and can hold up to 25 tons of articles. 2. The MonoTower Lite automated storage system is designed for storing a small amount of sheets (metal sheets, boards, laminates, etc.) with maximum dimensions of 3 m x 1.5 m. Thanks to its compact size, it can store up to 16 m2 to 75 tons of sheets.

The MonoTower Lite automated storage system is designed for storing a small amount of sheets (metal sheets, boards, laminates, etc.) with maximum dimensions of 3 m x 1.5 m. Thanks to its compact size, it can store up to 16 m² to 75 tons of sheets. In addition, the rack is distinguished by the possibility of installation directly at the laser cutter and quick assembly.

  • Stratasys F120
  • Formlabs Form 3
  • MakerBot METHOD X

The F120 is everything you expect from Stratasys: accurate results, user-friendly interface and workflow and durable 3D printing hardware. Industrial 3D printer reliability means low maintenance compared to even the best desktop 3D printer. Proven to print for up to 250 hours uninterrupted with our new, large ABS, ASA and soluble support filament boxes. F120 prints 2-3 times faster than desktop 3D printers, making for a fast return on investment.

Formlabs Form 3 is an affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer offering flawless prints every time. With advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology, Formlabs has completely re-engineered resin-based 3D printing to drastically reduce the forces of the print process.

METHOD X is a manufacturing workstation engineered to challenge traditional manufacturing with real ABS material, a 100°C chamber, and Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports to deliver exceptional dimensional accuracy and precision for complex, durable parts. The MakerBot METHOD X combines industry expertise and technologies from Stratasys® — the worldwide leader in industrial 3D printing — with MakerBot’s accessibility and ease of use.

CNCArt Marek Fiołka – Stand 91
  • KOR 5
HARVI I TE - Innovative proprietary design features driving maximum productivity. Universal character. Machines steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys with exceptional feed rates, reaching unmatched metal removal rates. Applicable for a variety  of operations, including dynamic milling, and extreme ramping operations. Maximum metal removal. Maximum benefit.

KOR 5 - Features: High efficienty metal removal in aluminium, maximizes capabilites of 5-axis machines, dynamic milling, using CAM tool path generation software. Up to 66 % higher table feed than common tools with 3 flutes.  Proprietary  flute form, and chipbreaker enabling 3 x D maximum depth of cut, and perfect chip evacuation.

Cold Jet Sp. z o. o. – Stand 119
  • latest series of dry ice cleaning machines

Latest series of dry ice cleaning machines The Aero2 PCS 60 is the only machine on the market offering Dry Ice 4.0 – IoT connectivity. The PCS 60 features Cold Jet’s patented Particle Control System™ (PCS), which cuts dry ice into 28 diamond shaped particles from 3 mm to 0.3 mm and any sizes in between. This helps producers to have a greater degree of versatility in their cleaning applications.

Elhys Sp. z o.o. – Stand 125
  • MTS Systems
MTS Systems, after many years of creation most advanced servohydrauilic test solutions, started implementation of electrodynamic and electromagnetic testing machines. In their portfolio you can find Acumen testing systems, dedicated for dynamic material testing (including DMA tests), as well as electromagnetic forcers for tesing in ground vehicle domain. More information you can find on .

ERMET s.c. - Stand 43
  • Precise 3D scanning service
We invite you to use our new, precise 3D scanning service with the latest GOM devices from the Atos series, thanks to these scanners we can measure even the smallest details and visualize measurements, among others on a thermal map.

FORMTECH Sp. z o.o. – Stand 70
  • STEMKE Cooling Systems
STEMKE Cooling Systems - recognized by a wide group of users as a pioneering, innovative and alternative injection mold cooling system.

GUSSTECH Sp.j. -  Stand 28
  • Epoxy board RAKU® TOOL WB-0890

The New epoxy board RAKU® TOOL WB-0890, which was specially developed for the composite industry has an extremely fine surface structure, which significantly reduces both finishing and the amount of sealer that has to be used. The board is easy and quick to machine and compatible with all industry-standard paints, release agents, and epoxy prepregs. Glass transition temperature Tg is 110 °C.

Hartownia Sp. z o.o.- Stand 17
  • A line with an endothermic atmosphere
Hartownia Sp. z o.o. has a newly launched a line with an endothermic atmosphere ready to handle your high-volume hardening, tempering and carburizing orders.

HASCO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand 82
Z 18140 /. . . Range of slide units, Z 7500 /. . . Locating ring – adapter, Z 98 HT /. . . High temperature O-ring, Z 1780 /. . . , Z 1782 /. . . Round latch lock unit, Z 4913 /. . . Air valve , Z 073 /. . . Linear needle guide unit.

  • Laser cleaning technology
Laser cleaning technology is  scope of our activity related to surface treatments. We are closely associated with the P-laser company - a leader in the construction of lasers designed for surface cleaning. We participate in projects aimed at automating production in the field of cleaning, surface activation, removal of oxides and corrosion. Our clients are mainly maintenance departments and production.

  • Recompound with optimized formulation / comparable with virgin material
Interseroh will demonstrate the wide-ranging possibilities offered through the use of recycled plastics gained from post-consumer material. In its “Recycled-Resource” production process Interseroh managed to develop a new formulation for its recycled plastic Procyclen, so that it is suitable for new products with the same performance parameters as virgin plastic. Procyclen can be matched to customers’ exact requirements in terms of viscosity, mechanical properties stability, UV/thermal resistance and colouration.

KNARR – Stand 108
  • The ejector pin ensures
The newly standardized, space-saving head shape of the ejector pin ensures its distinct position in the tool. Different surfaces on both sides  allow mounting only in the exactly desired position and prevent the distortion of the ejector at the same time. A circumferential bevel serves for pre-centering and helps to assemble easily and quickly.

M.A.S. sp. z o. o. - Stand 44
  • An innovative sorption and hybrid solutions
As a result of R&D activities, M.A.S. has developed an innovative sorption and hybrid solutions that allow the production of cold using waste heat. We offer adsorption aggregates and implementation of installations using absorption technology. Our latest product, multi-module hybrid, sorption-compressor water chillers allow to maximize savings for industrial customers.

Mega Mold Sp. z o.o – stand 134
  • system system - an innovative system of remote reading of counters working on injection molds. Provides current preview of production on forms. Tool for supervision and maintenance of forms.

  • Strapfin 442 - recyclate as a replacement for the original
A recyclate for extrusion, which 100% replaces original material. As indicated by the manufacturer's representatives, the material is characterized by high repeatability and allows to significantly reduce production costs, presenting an extremely favorable value for money.

MS SPINEX Spinkiewicz Maciej – Stand 54
SPINWORX® sets a new standard in milling process. This innovative cutter body system has the insert rotates regularly, thus the cutting edge is burnt completely and evenly. Such a solution saves milling time and prolongs the inserts live.
Pagero EDM Sp. z o.o.- Stand 40
  • Modernization of EDM machines
Modernization of EDM machines. We provide comprehensive renovation of EDM machines along with checking the functionality of all components and installing additional modules. The scope of modernization is adjusted to specific production needs. The modernization of machines includes, among others: - installation of a modern generator - CNC control installation with functional software. - new serwomotros.
PENCOM Engineering Limited  - Stand 60
  • Thread inserts
Pencom presents thread inserts that ensure precise and durable internal threads in plastics and light metal materials.

PEWAG – Stand 122
  • Radio controlled LEVO hooks
  • Pewag ZETA lifting points
  • Mobile gantry

PLAST-FARB – Stand 11
  • Compostable packages
Compostable carry bags, courier mailing bags and air bubble bags fully compostable. Compostable packages are a range of products made of raw material consistent with eco-development rules. They are harmless to the environment as well as meet the agricultural and industrial requirements. They guarantee substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy and non-renewable sources usage.

POLCOMM - Stand 73
  • WNEU 04 inserts
New line of face milling cutters for WNEU 04 inserts, new grades of Polcomm turning and milling inserts, solid carbide end mills for roughing and finishing of dies and molds.
  • Machining services on CNC boring and milling machine
A new feature in the machine catalog is the UBM table boring machine. It is a numerically controlled table boring and milling machine, it has wide possibilities of technological use in milling, drilling, reaming and threading operations. Spindle diameter 130mm, max spindle extension (W axis) 900mm, max longitudal travel  5200mm and max workpiece weight 40t.

ROEHM POLSKA Sp. z o.o – Stand 66
  • Self centering steady rests power chucks duro

SHAPERS' POLSKA Sp. z o.o. – Stand 82
  • Modification and service of moulds and tools
  • Prototyping
Modification and service of moulds and tools - new service opportunities for moulds for rubber, punching dies, stamping dies, pressure moulds.

Prototyping - new machine for vacuum casting - increased production capacity.

  • Sonic Welders

Sonic Welders are intended for the sonic welding of thermoplastic components as well as for edge bending, riveting, forming and cutting operations. The devices are designed in line with the concept of Industry 4.0 in order to obtain maximum weld repeatability and quality. They assure the tight connection of welded components and optimal weld appearance.

Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz - Instytut Zaawansowanych Technologii Wytwarzania– Stand 89
  • The tool for slide burnishing

The tool for slide burnishing of curvilinear rotary surfaces (e.g. punches) with digital continuous measurement and on-line registration of force values is designed for burnishing of wide range of materials, even with hardness up to ~ 65 HRC. Using the precise relative movement of the diamond burnishing end tip along the profile of the burnished workpiece, it is possible to increase the burnishing speed and reduce wear of the tool’s working part.

  • Milltronics
Milltronics is a growing manufacturer of CNC machines designed for the metal cutting industry. We manufacture over 50 models of machines and our own CNC. With more than 70 employees operating out of a 100,000 ft2 state-of-the-art facility in Minneapolis, USA, Milltronics is an industry leader in advanced CNC technology. We offer customers increased productivity with our concept of a powerful CNC control with an easy-to-use operator interface.

TRANSCORN Sp. z o.o. – Stand 34
Eco friendly device for deionization of water in WEDM machines, IXA wire electrodes for WEDM machines Graphite, copper and copper thungsten EDM electrodes.

Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy im. Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich w Bydgoszczy - Stand 92
  • The latest achievements of research teams
The University presents the latest achievements of research teams working in such areas, as, among others, material science, chemistry, machining, processing, machines and tools, additive manufacturing, design, architecture and product applications.

  • VISI 2020.0
The flow lines in VISI 2020.0 can now be shown, highlighting possible ‘hesitations’ of the filling from isochrones. This is especially important, as hesitation occurs when the melt flow slows down or stops along a particular flow path, leading to possible asymmetrical and unpredictable flow patterns, which can reduce part quality, caused by variations in surface appearance, poor packing, and non-uniform orientation of the plastic molecules.

YUDO – Stand 32
Quick color change, shorter cycle time.The technology allows the design flow and cooling channels based on the principles of isometric projection.
The manifold plates,  are welded by diffusion instead of material brazing with flux like in older technologies. This guarantees durability and tightness under high pressure. 2000 ~ 3000 bar after welding and cooling at 70 Bar.