Novelties at the INNOFORM® Trade Fair

Novelties at the stands of INNOFORM® Trade Fair Exhibitors

Moldflo, a compact electronic system for monitoring and diagnosing cooling systems in injection molds - A. MARCINIAK OT Sp. z o.o. Stand number: 97
A._MARCINIAK-KOLEJNA-NOWOSC-NA-TARGACH-INNOFORMDuring the Trade Fair our company will introduce new product Moldflo, a compact electronic system for monitoring and diagnosing cooling systems in injection molds. System enables digital reading, recording and analysis of flow, temperature and pressure data individually for each cooling circuit in the mold. Thanks to the application of Mouldflo, the user gets a powerful diagnostic tool that will accurately determine what is the actual performance of the cooling system, assess the patency of the channels, detect errors in connections and many others, and by removing problems will significantly reduce cycle time and improve production quality.

Vertical Center R1000 "Baca" - ANDRYCHOWSKA FABRYKA MASZYN DEFUM S.A. - Stand number: 93
DEFUM-NOWSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMVertical Center R1000 "Baca" equipped with IV and V axis in the form of a tilt and turn table. The swivel / tilt table is also equipped with a tailstock and can act as a rotary table. The table can be used for simplified 5 sides detail processing, by indexing two table axes and working in interpolation in 3 axes simultaneously (Sinumerik 828 or Fanuc 0iMF control) or advanced five-axis machining requiring more advanced controls: Sinumerik 840 or FANUC 31i B5. We also specialize in providing services in the field of machining metal and casting details on conventional and CNC machine tools. Our facilities: gantry milling machines, vertical centers, horizontal centers, surface grinders, bed and holes  grinders. We also provide services in balancing details from fi 10 to fi 700.


MLLDPE material, this kind of material offer better performance, improving the tensile strength, durability, and optical properties. They are great also as a supplement to improve the properties.

Mould release agent PLASTIMOLD AL. - BGM MOLYDAL Sp. J. - Stand number: 128
MOLYDAL-INNOWACJE-TARGOW-INNOFORMMould release agent PLASTIMOLD AL. Product with a food certificate, intended for production of packaging for beverages and food, also for home appliances and toys. PLASTIMOLD AL is physiologically neutral, does not contain silicones, leaves pieces dry and ready for further operations (varnishing, metallization, printing, gluing). Suitable for most plastics, including ABS, polycarbonates, polyethylene, resins. Does not cause stains or tarnishes on molders, does not pollute moulds. It can be used for cold and hot moulds.

Measuring tools Gauges - BIURO KONSTRUKCYJNE PAWFORM RAFAŁ PAWLIK - Stand number: 78
Measuring tools - Gauges are commonly used as necessary equipment for new molds. They allow for making detailed measurements of the manufactured details. Prepared in response to exorbitant quality control requirements. They are characterized by ease and speed of work.

EskyLos®2002 an innovative, heat-treated steel - BOGNER EDELSTAHL POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 98
BOGNER-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMEskyLos®2002 is an innovative, heat-treated steel. It is obtained through a special "super clean" production process and special heat treatment. It is delivered in hardness 350-390 HB. It is characterized by a high degree of hardening throughout and is suitable for large-size forms, which require higher impact strength combined with very high hardness throughout the cross-section. Perfect for polishing and photogravure. EskyLos®2002 steel combines and perfectly balances the features of all steel grades used in the production of injection molds.

CAD – PROJEKT s.c. - Stand number 70:
1. BP-CAM 2018
2. MegaCAD 2018
3. RobotCAM 2018


BP-CAM 2018. In the new version control of the EDM made by ZAP-BP, there are several new options. The most important is the ability to define changes in drilling parameters. The options allow you to indicate points or entire sections, where machining will take place with changed parameters. This is particularly important when processing multi-layer materials.

MegaCAD 2018. New version - new products: an extended module of dynamic Drag & Drop design, especially in the 3D range; defining your own 3D tools; dynamic connections of parts and assembly; many other functions and options; a new version of the BP-CAM 2018 application; new RobotCAM application.

RobotCAM 2018. The RobotCAM application is used to create NC programs for machining holes using a robot SwiftRoll X1 (made by Krais Company). SwiftRoll X1 is a fully automated machine for tube expanding, pipe cutting and pipe welding. The RobotCAM application allows you to create NC programs based on an available drawing and/or based on known dimensions. RobotCAM is based on the CAD program - MegaCAD.

3D printers Stratasys F123 series - CADXPERT - Stand number: 21
Stratasys F123 series 3D printers use FDM technology adapted to industrial applications. The devices are equipped with solutions known from Stratasys production systems. The quality and repeatability of the print meets ISO standards.

CNCART MAREK FIOŁKA - Stand number - 3:
1. KENtip FS wiertło modułowe
2. Duo-Lock system modułowego frezowania
3. 7792 Frez High-Feed


KENtip FS modular drill. An innovative solution in the field of drilling. Maximum performance and long tool life, even in unstable conditions.


Duo-Lock modular milling system. Technology that significantly increases milling speed and durability of the tool. For the first time, the modular milling system can achieve efficiency similar to the latest generation of carbide milling cutters.


7792 High-Feed mill. The 7792 mills are the best solution when it is important to shorten the cycle time or removing the maximum volume of material in the shortest time. The ideal solution for roughing molds and dies.

COLD JET Sp. z o.o. - Stand number - 95:
I³ MicroClean an innovative, compact and efficient precision dry ice cleaning machine
2. Cold Jet’s Automated Cleaning and Surface Preparation Systems
COLD-JET-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMI³ MicroClean from Cold Jet is an innovative, compact and efficient precision dry ice cleaning machine that uses the patented MicroParticle technology. Due to size, MicroParticles are able to reach areas where pellets and conventional methods cannot. The I3 MicroClean enables you to safely clean delicate surfaces, complex cavities and crevices without surface abrasion, disassembly or harmful secondary waste. Using dry ice technology you can clean online, in place and while hot with less downtime and reducing cleaning time by as much as 70%.

Cold Jet’s Automated Cleaning and Surface Preparation Systems were developed to improve quality and lower operating costs for manufacturers with paint lines. Our automated systems eliminate the need for power washing or chemical cleaning prior to painting, thus saving companies up to 50% on their cleaning costs. Our systems can safely remove a variety of contaminants from the parts, including oil, dust, release agents, fingerprints, etc. without causing part surface damage.

METROLOG X4 i-ROBOT - Inline Robotic Inspection Solution - COMTEC 3D - Stand number: 47
METROLOG X4 i-ROBOT - Inline Robotic Inspection Solution. The METROLOG X4 i-ROBOT technology is suitable for all industrial robots. It is perfectly suited for all applications requiring flexibility and productivity while providing high metrological accuracy. The METROLOG X4 i-ROBOT measuring system is based on a high speed acquisition laser scanner or touch probes attached to a multi-axes robot wrist. The measuring accuracy is provided, either by a separate tracking camera following the laser sensor box equipped with positioning LEDs, or by a laser tracker system

Chem-Trend Lusin® Protect G31F - DANJE-POLYMER - Stand number: 114
DANJE-POLYMER-TARGI-INNOFORMChem-Trend introduces highly effective Lusin® anti-corrosion protectant for thermoplastic molding applications. Lusin® Protect G31F provides enhanced short and long term corrosion protection.The new product is a dry film which does not creep between mold plates, slides and core adjustments and can be easily removed from the mold cavity by the simple process of part molding. Lusin® Protect G31F is NSF registered and conforms to H1 category code and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR §178.357. The newly developed anti-corrosion protectant can also be used as a lubricating agent, providing additional benefits to the end-user.

Multi-axis numerical turning lathe Lynx 2100 with driven tools - DEMATEC POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 39
DEMATEC-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMMulti-axis numerical turning lathe Lynx 2100 with driven tools is newly developed and very advanced DOOSAN machine. It meets all rigorous requirements regarding precision, work parameters, speed, ergonomics as well as safety confirmed by the CE certificate. The use of the Lynx 2100 numerical lathe is especially recommended when machining a variety of elements with increased hardness up to Ø 350 mm / L = 550 mm. One of the innovative solutions is Manual Guide - graphical simulation support of programming in accordance with the international ISO standard.

DIG ŚWITAŁA - Stand number: 38:
1. Press brake PS 0838

DIG-Switala-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMPress brake PS 0838. Press brake machine G.A.D.E. with maximum pressure of 420kN bending length 835mm distance between the table and the slider 430mm stroke axis X1 600mm stroke axis R 150mm the machine shown at the fair is equipped with a table for re-drilling, has two front supports and automatic control system ESA. A compact machine, but solid.

Universal bending machine for bending pipes and profiles ETM 60 MEMOLI. Construction of steel and solid machine. The tool can be changed quickly. Bending up to 180 ° in one operation. 40 programs with 5 bends each. Bending speed 4 seconds 90 ° without loading. Bending capacity: Ø 60 x 4 mm / 2.25 ".

Certified graphite POCO Graphite, Tokai Carbon and graphite machining service - EDM TOOLS - Stand number: 111
Proposal for injection molds and die casting molds producers: certified graphite POCO Graphite, Tokai Carbon and graphite machining service. For companies that do not have a machine to graphite - we provide graphite electrode milling service, including electrode construction or based on ready-made 3D customer models. We use EROWA/3R systems. We guarantee proper selection of graphite and optimization of EDM process through graphite training at customer's place.

EMPLAST POZNAŃ - Stand number: 87
1. Multicouplings from German manufacturer RTC Couplings

2. The Cooling Factory technology
3. Hot-runner controllers
4. Orca Temperature System
Multicouplings from German manufacturer RTC Couplings. Multicouplings are a convenient, easy to use and above all fast system enabling connection of 3 to 12 circuits of water, oil or air at one time. Our offer includes Multicouplings adapted to many connection standards, both compatible with the German, American and French systems.

The Cooling Factory is a futuristic technology able to manage the entire cooling system of a plant, keeping the temperatures of the mold and oil circuits separate. It has an integrated structure and has been engineered to maximize energy savings by using : free – cooling, inverter for pumps , scroll compressors and brushless fans.

The NOLDEN company, the newest partner of EMPLAST, offers hot-runner controllers from single up to 120 zones.These are innovative devices enabling full process control, including servodrives, as well as the necessary diagnosis and mould memory.

The newly developed Orca Temperature System features high levels of flexibility and offers complete monitoring of your manufacturing processes. You can temper between 4 and 120 different process channels. The system is easily compatible with a remote – controlled tempering device.

ENGRAM - Stand  number 99:

The series of ENGRAM END MILLS: HI FEED MASTER, designed for highly productive machining of steel with hardness from 35 to 63 HRc, with extremely high feeds. Thanks to Nanocomposite coating, special geometry of double-radius blades and optimized carbide, it provides excellent results in roughing molds and dies.

The series of ENGRAM END MILLS: BLUE MAGIC designed for machining hardened and tempered steel, alloyed steel for hardness up to 52 HRc. The special Nanocomposite coating BLUE MAGIC allows to get a high resistance to temperature oxidation and high cutting speeds.

CoolingCare system, an automatic cleaning and diagnostics machine to maintain mold cooling channels - FADO Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 37
FADO-NOWOSCT-TARGOW-INNOFORMCoolingCare system is an automatic cleaning and diagnostics machine created specifically to maintain mold cooling channels. It was designed in a way so that it would be equally efficient with a vast range of cooling channels’ diameters. A set of individual pumps dedicated to every single cleaning section enables efficient cleaning of channels regardless of their length or diameter. Two-stage cleaning process based on highly dynamic pulsation of cleaning medium inside a channel results in faster removal of unwanted residues, whereas diagnostics function allows for defining flow rate values, which can be used later as a reference in future cleaning. Other unique features are pressure and patency tests, which enable the user to verify the condition of a channel prior to cleaning. The whole process is automatic and is based on a cleaning algorithm combining all the functions into one string of events, limiting the time required from the operator to minimum. The built-in database keeps a record of all the historical cleaning. All those features make a CoolingCare machine an indispensable tool in every mold maintenance department.

Heat Pins in GAMARTTHERM system - GAMART S.A. PPHU Stand number: 6
Heat Pins in GAMARTTHERM system are super-thermal conductors used in plastics processing. The speed of heat transfer in Heat Pin excess of several hundred times the rate  of a solid copper bar of the same geometry. As a result, the moulding surfaces very quickly obtain the temp. specified for the processing requirements. Installing the Heat Pins inside the screw thermostats the screw transferring the excess heat from the parts where the mass may overheat, to parts with lower temperature. The improvement of working conditions is visible immediately, plastic processing process proceeds smoothly.

The Z920/… manifold blocks - HASCO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 84
The new Z920/… manifold blocks make it much easier to design flexible cooling circuits. The manifold blocks are compatible with the HASCO cooling elements and can be extended as required through their modular plug-in system. The central inflow/outflow via the manifold block enables shorter hose lengths. The clear arrangement of the cooling lines ensures greater safety at the workplace and more reliable production.

Introducing OKUMA Genos M560-Ve vertical machining center - HIGH TECHNOLOGY MACHINES - Stand number: 79
Introducing OKUMA Genos M560-Ve vertical machining center with unique features for fast and easy proces implementation for both long batches or mold and die aplications. Rigid, double column design with its symmetrical thermal distorsion OKUMA Thermo-Friendly Concept allows to achieve high accuracy parts. Most desirable standard package with 15000rpm 199Nm spindle, SuperNurbs & Machining Navi technologies in background classify Genos machining center as reliable and universal machine tool for demanding tooling applications. OKUMA technology takes you to the leading edge of global competition.

HPT INNOVATION  Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 84:
Hybrid machine - LUMEX Avance – 25
2. Steel hardening and nitriding services in vacuum furnaces
3. Center for precision milling

Hybrid machine - LUMEX Avance – 25. It is the only device in the world that combines the functionality of a 3D printer - printing using laser sintering technology with, an ultra-fast milling machine. The device sinter laser metal powder, creating a model, while it’s edges are milled at high speed to create complex surfaces.

In the second half of 2018, HPT Innovation will offer steel hardening and nitriding services in vacuum furnaces. Vacuum Hardening Furnace: dimensions of usable space 600x600x900; maximum gross weight of the load 600 kg, maximum temperature of the furnace 1300oC. Vacuum Nitriding Furnace: dimensions of usable space 600x600x900; maximum gross weight of the load 600 kg; maximum temperature of the furnace 750oC; nitriding with a Zeroflow® method.

In 2018 HPT Innovation expanded the offer by precision milling. Center for precision milling: possibility of precision milling of materials hardness 60 HRC; performing surface parameter Ra comparable to achieved after time-consuming manual processing

Laser cleaning - ICETECH POLSKA Stand number: 74
ICETECH_NOWOSCI_TARGOW-INNOFORMLaser cleaning, which can be called today the most modern, non-invasive method, which by its innovativeness precedes traditional cleaning methods. Laser means no interference in the structure of the cleaned material, which puts laser cleaning at the highest technology level but at the same time the laser can help to prepare the surface for various types of PVD, CVD, PACVD, DLC coatings, removes the layer that develops after electro-refining. Benefits: lack of medium, waste; low operating costs; ease of use, mobility; the ability to achieve a higher level of "purity"; local cleaning / selected surfaces; low noise level, no dust; low sensitivity to corrosion after cleaning.

Fully electric injection molding machine from famous for reliability Tederic brand - INAUTOM POLAND Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 84
InAutom Poland company supports business of its customers in the field of professional injection molding equipment for 30 years. A novelty in the offer is fully electric injection molding machine from famous for reliability Tederic brand. They ensure high precision and stable process; enable high speed injection and shorten cycle times. Tederic electric molding machines are also eco-friendly: they save from 30% to 70% energy in comparision with hydraulic machines.

New slim DF 8 series nozzles with the patented MultiPower heater - INCOE INTERNATIONAL EUROPE - Stand number: 50

New slim DF 8 series nozzles with the patented MultiPower heater. With less space required, fewer heating zones in some cases and lower production input for the mould maker, These nozzles provide improved performance in operation.

A prototype extruder W25i with an innovative heating system - INSTYTUT INŻYNIERII MATERIAŁÓW POLIMEROWYCH I BARWNIKÓW Stand number: 121
IMPiB-NOWOSCI-NA-TARGACH-INNOFORMThe IMPiB Institute in Toruń presents a prototype extruder W25i with an innovative heating system. This system uses the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which allows to obtain the temperature of the plasticizing system and the extruder head up to 650°C in 10-20 minutes. The solution proposed by the Institute allows the processing of thermoplastics above 400°C, the processing of which is impossible on standard extruders. The presented extruder gives new possibilities in the field of processing and manufacturing of polymer products with temperatures of long-lasting use above 200°C.

The technology of smoothing the surface of elements made by incremental SLS/SLM - INSTYTUT ZAAWANSOWANYCH TECHNOLOGII WYTWARZANIA - Stand number: 139
IZTW_NOWOSCI_TARGOW_INNOFORMThe technology of smoothing the surface of elements made by incremental SLS/SLM methods is an innovative method of finishing with burnishing tools produced by IAMT. It allows a significant improvement in the quality of the machined surface, obtaining a high level of smoothness, uniform geometric structure and low porosity of the surface layer reaching 0.1% at a depth of up to 0.2 mm deep into the material, as well as surface hardening affecting the durability of the final products. The method finds application in the production of functional elements, e.g. injection molds.

An innovative diamond tools Sphero-CVD that have been specially developed for the machining of carbides - ITA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. - Stand number: 34
TA-KOLEJNE-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMITA company, exclusive partner of FRAISA company, has a great pleasure to announce a new, innovative diamond tools Sphero-CVD that have been specially developed for the machining of carbides. The high degree of cutting edge stability reduces the risk of tool breakage so that even extremely hard carbides can be processed, significantly reducing tool costs and replacing elaborate, expensive manufacturing processes such as eroding. The innovation not only means that eroding is no longer necessary, it also saves on the expensive, painstaking manufacturing of eroding electrodes.

Solution to demould undercuts - KNARR VERTRIEBS GMBH - Stand number: 100
Our solution to demould undercuts and threads are time and cost saving collapsible cores. Each core will be designed individually and according to the article. You are accompanied by our experts from conception to find design and you will be provided specific solutions for various applications. Cycle time will be reduced to a minimum. In order to provide an offer, we require a significant drawing and / or 3D Data.

STOCK Super F-UT cutters  - KONEK PSN - Stand number: 84, 92
KONEK-NOWOSCI-INNOFORMSTOCK Super F-UT cutters. To get the highest milling demands, Stock offers a Super F-UT cutter with uneven scale.It is a versatile family of tools for roughing, medium, finishing and grooving. Ideally suited for HPC / HSC machining. In our offer we have tools for machining steel, improved and hardened steel, stainless and acid-resistant steel, titanium, special alloys and hard-to-machine materials. Using our tools, we can work with parameters higher by 60% than traditional milling cutters. The unique geometry provides much higher performance, vibration-free operation, very good surface quality, high performance parameters.

DRILLTRONIC the only integrated drilling and tapping units -  MAG CENTRUM PL Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 131
DRILLTRONIC is the only integrated drilling and tapping units equipped with an innovative system developed with an articulated arm to give maximum working flexibility.

Contour measuring station MarSurf CD 140 - MAHR POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 54
Contour measuring station MarSurf CD 140. The new MarSurf CD series from Mahr sets new standards when it comes to contour testing. With the new MarSurf CD series, manufacturing companies are entering a new dimension in order to reliably secure and improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces in the measuring room or close to production. The new measuring station concept combines speed, safety and flexibility. The aim is to increase the profitability of the system for your company.

System of remote reading of counters - MEGA MOLD Sp. z.o.o.  - Stand number: 15
MEGAMOLD-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORM system - an innovative system of remote reading of counters working on injection molds. Provides current preview of production on forms. Tool for supervision and maintenance of forms.

Pillar and screw holes - MEUSBURGER GEORG GmbH & Co KG Stand number: 63
The F-Plates from Meusburger are the ideal material for making a mould base. These come complete with pillar and screw holes and are available from stock in sizes 96 x 96 mm to 996 x 1196 mm. Another advantage which Meusburger offers is the wide range of materials with 29 materials. Additional side-drilled mould bases with almost quadratic space utilisation save in many cases the use of the next larger mould.

  The patented feeding system - METTEC - Stand number: 72
We do not limit ourselves to solutions available on the market and we actively build devices that support dedicated mass production. We have created a patented feeding system that allows for repeatable and quick production of forging parts on automatic CNC lathes. This hybrid technology joins the advantages of plastic production (low material cost) and precise machining (high repeatability).

The ARM cutters - MITSUBISHI MATERIALS - Stand number: 91
The new ARM cutters are multifunctional, high-performance tools for machining molds and dies, ensuring stable machining even at high feeds. Individual design as well as advanced technical parameters provide high cutting performance and effective chip control. It ensures high machining economy due to four-edge cutting inserts, which are available in versatile range.

Grip-Paks tubes which are specially designed to ensure that the contents are held perfectly in place, eliminating the risk of damage in transit or storage - MOCAP LIMITED Stand number: 46
MOCAP-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMBeckett Packaging, which is a division of Mocap offers packaging to various industries, including cutting tool industry. For over 40 years the group has been using state-of-the-art technology to manufacture packaging that meets the needs of each customer. During the INNOFORM® trade show company will present Grip-Paks tubes which are specially designed to ensure that the contents are held perfectly in place, eliminating the risk of damage in transit or storage. Grip-Paks provide individual packaging for end mills, drills, solid carbide tooling and other cutting tools. They provide ideal protection and excellent presentation display.

1. TAV Digital, the new standard of Variable Angle Heads by O.M.G.
2. THM95... ProCUTter end mills line with irregular geometry
NARZEDZIA-SKRAWAJACE-PODCZAS-TARGOW-INNOFORMTAV Digital, the new standard of Variable Angle Heads by O.M.G. TAV series is now equipped with a display to check spindle inclination. Easy to use, high accuracy system, compact design allow Users to set Variable Angle Head tool inclination directly on the machine to perform requested machining operation. Now available on three Variable Angle Heads main versions: TAV10, TAV13 and TAV20. The development of this solution will be sooner extended to all models of Angle Heads TAV series.

THM95... ProCUTter end mills line with irregular geometry. Milling cutters with new asymmetrical geometry with higher performance and tool life at the same time reducing vibration generated in cutting process. Suitable for milling in wide range of steels and alloy steels, cast iron, aluminium, etc. Perfect for contouring, trochoidal  processing or circular interpolation, as well as for grooving.

QVI® SNAP™ measurement systems  - OBERON 3D - Stand number: 58
OBERON3D-PREZENTACJA-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMQVI® SNAP™ measurement systems are designed to measure small, intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor. All SNAP systems are simple to use. With automatic part ID and AutoCorrelate, simply place a part on the SNAP and press GO. Single parts, multiple parts - even a mixture of different parts - are all measured automatically.­SNAP is designed to measure anywhere - from the shop floor to the lab, or as part of an automated work cell. Rugged construction and an open work envelope make SNAP easy to implement in virtually any manufacturing setting.

The mirror-polished surfaces of plastics injection moulds BALITHERM® PRIMEFORM - OERLIKON BALZERS COATING POLAND - Stand number: 115
The mirror-polished surfaces of plastics injection moulds are very sensitive. BALITHERM® PRIMEFORM treatment is the ideal way to improve de-moulding, optimise process reliability and enhance component quality. Heavily stressed areas are rendered wear resistant and are protected against scratching, environmental factors and improper handling.This treatment of injection moulds can increase productivity by up to 60%. PRIMEFORM diffusion treatment increases injection mould surface hardness up to 1400 HV. This makes the moulds significantly more robust, and reduces build-up, spalling and edge embrittlement.

OMNI3D - Stand number - 42:
1. Industrial 3D printer Factory 2.0
2. Filament with added carbon fiber
3. Filters and a new head module for Factory 2.0

OMNI3D-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMIndustrial 3D printer Factory 2.0 Production System is used for prototyping, tooling (including positioning tools, grippers, machines parts and production lines parts) and final products. It is designed for professionals from the automotive, industrial automation and aviation industries. This is a 3D printer that optimises time and production costs. Factory 2.0 has a large working area (50 cm on each axis), an enclosed and heated chamber, two extruders and automatic platform calibration. Durable, industrial thermoplastic materials are used for printing. PA-6/66 HD - high strength nylon. It is characterised by resistant to stretching, bounce and durability. It has properties similar to materials used by engineers to produce finished products in the automotive and aerospace industries.

OMNI3D introduces new materials compatible with Factory 2.0, industrial 3D printer. CF-PA-12 – filament with added carbon fiber, a high-strength material recommended due to low shrinkage and stiffness. Second one is ABS-20s with soluble WS-20 support. The use of soluble support material allows even greater geometrical freedom in industrial 3D printing and facilitates the modeling process.

Filters and a new head module for Factory 2.0. OMNI3D provides CARBON+HEPA filters for its industrial 3D printer and HT head working with the temperature up to 500 °C. Presented options allow to improve the quality of work with the Factory 2.0 3D printer and enable 3D printing from materials requiring high temperatures. The solutions are optional.

PAFANA S.A. - Stand number 101:
1. Turning hardened materials with CBN inserts  

2. Turning non-ferrous materials with PCD inserts 

PAFANA-NOWOSC-NA-TARGACH-INNOFORMTurning hardened materials with CBN inserts (cubic boron nitride). Inserts with cutting edge made of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) are characterised by resistance to: high temperature and extreme cutting forces. The tools made of these materials are distinguished by long life expectancy and excellent quality of surface finishing of machined objects. CBN inserts are suitable for machining of hardened steel (from 45 to 72 HRC), hard cast iron materials, hard machining materials. CBN1 - grade suitable for continuous cut in stable cutting conditions, very high heat resistance. CBN2 - grade suitable for interrupted cut, optimal balance between toughness and resistance to cratering and clearance face wear. CBN3 - grade suitable for machining of hard cast iron materials.

PAFANA-NA-TARGACH-INNOFORM​Turning non-ferrous materials with PCD inserts (polycrystalline diamond). Inserts with cutting edge made of PCD (polycrystalline diamond) are suitable for machining of aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metals, glass and carbon fibre reinforced, magnesium alloys, zinc. PCD inserts are two to three times harder than carbide inserts. These are suitable for machining in very stable cutting conditions. PKD1 - universal grade for roughing and finishing in one tool. Recommended for alluminium alloys containing less than 13% silicon. PKD2 - grade  recommended for composite materials, alluminium alloys containing more than 13% silicon.

The universal single edge turning tool PAFANA “SMARTCUT”  for drilling in full material with the possibility of internal turning, transverse turning, longitudinal turning. Advantages for the Customer: the reduction of the tooling costs resulting from the use of a single tool for many technological treatments, the ability to perform a flat bottom of drilled hole, the reduction of the machine’s setup and programming time, a wide range of drilled holes in full material from Ø8 to Ø32 mm, directional cooling through the tool ensures the correct chip and hot removal from the machining zone.

HBOT 3D F300 an industrial 3D printer - PRO-SERWIS s.c. - Stand number: 49
HBOT-3D-na-targach-innoformHBOT 3D F300. Reliability, unbeatable quality, control of time and low cost of the prints – these are the most important features an industrial 3D printer should have. HBOT 3D F300 – a professional FDM printer – has it all. This device was designed as a tool for engineers to accelerate the work of designers, and constructors in R&D departments of the biggest industrial plants. It allows to quickly produce a prototype, create tools or spare parts, start low-volume production and even make final products.

VECO EMULEX SYNTI FX - Semi-synthetic, concentrated fluid - PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO MODEX-OIL   Stand number: 123
NOWOSCI-MODEX-NA-TARGACH-INNOFORMVECO EMULEX SYNTI FX - Semi-synthetic, concentrated fluid VECO Emulex Synti FX is dedicated for making cooling-greasing water emulsions used in metal processing. Ready made emulsions ensure high quality processing and their bacteria resistance allows long-term exploitation. The product does not contain biocidal substances and thanks to ingredients reducing the growth of oxygeneless bacteria it is exceptionally bio-stabil. Unique formulation allows high biological resistance and eliminates biocidal substances’ negative effect on operators.

RICHO POLSKA - Stand number: 104
1. The ER-VMC series machining center
2. CNC cylindrical grinder, type OGC

The ER-VMC series machining center thanks to its many unique and very practical technical solutions (eg cross table construction, inner spindle fins - PATENT or column multi-layer intensive ribs structure - PATENT) stands out on the market in terms of accuracy and stiffness. It works great when machining molds, dies or in tool shops and production lines. It can also be equipped with a rotary and pan-tilting table enabling full 4-axis and 5-axis machining.

CNC cylindrical grinder, type OGC. Numerically controlled machine, wide range of models and accessories. Easy dialog programming with process visualization (step by step completes the parameters of grinding cycles). Heavy grinder body ensures rigidity and minimize vibration.High quality grinding with hydrostatic guides for maximum smooth and precise movement. Equipped with automatic workpiece measurement system, which improves machining quality and productivity, as well as anti-collision system for increased safety.

Lubritool for automatic lubrication of tool clamping systems - RÖHM - Stand number: 61

Innovative Lubritool for automatic lubrication of tool clamping systems. Lubritool is swapped in automatically directly from the tool magazine of machining center and provides the HSK clamping set with the ideal amount of lubrication in just a few seconds. The fact is that after around 75 hours of operation or alternatively 20 000 tool changes, HSK clamping sets should be serviced to ensure the process reliability.


RYBACKI-NOWOSC-TARGI-INNOFORM+ GF + Mikron VCE 1600 Pro - 3-axis CNC MILLING CENTER with 1600x900x800 worktable is the latest purchase of RYBACKI CNC PARTNER. The large worktable gives us the opportunity to machine large details, and the spindle 10,000 revolutions with the cooling function makes it easier to drill deep holes. Thanks to the RENISHAW OMP40-2 measuring probe, we are able to use the excellent parameters of the machine tool and control the accuracy of details up to 1μm. The RENISHAW TS27R measuring probe is a complement to the high precision. The iTNC 620 Heidenhain control unit makes it possible to maintain the highest quality, a high standard of work in good time and is friendly to our millers with over 15 years of experience.

S.T.M. Systemy i Technologie Mechaniczne Sp. z o.o. - Stand number - 14:
1. Revtool slotting machines
2. Tools for deburring holes
3. Cutters with a protective ring
4. Xebec abrasives
5. Toodle Mini spindles
6. Yamato burnishing tools
7. The Yamato modular burnishing tools
8. Revtool cutting tools
9. Michigan deburring tools
10. Flexible brushes
11. Xebec abrasive brushes
Borries marking units
Revtool slotting machines allow for low-cost customization of a lathe, milling machine or other machine tool for slotting  simple as well as complicated shapes. It does not overload the machine, because the thickness of the cutting layer is around 0.1 mm.


Tools for deburring holes. A wide range of possibilities, different applications and degrees of difficulty approaching the surface. We offer tools that are perfect for removing post-processing disks.


Cutters with a protective ring are ideal for deburring cross holes or for the opening of various types of holes. Due to use of a protective ring, the those deburring tools do not scratch the inside of the openings, but works where it needs to.

Xebec abrasives, incl. ceramic stones. It is an innovative product that is suitable for precise surface smoothing. These tools do not contain a binder but are abrasive itself. Thanks to this, the tools do not clog with spoil and always have 100% of the cutting surface.

Toodle Mini spindles. A small tool that enabes with coolant or compressed air to upgrade tools cutting powet up to 75,000 RPM. Shank diam of 3.4 or 6mm.

Yamato burnishing tools are an innovative chipless technique of smoothing surface. Even with a finishing allowance of 0.01-0.02, a uniquely smooth surface can be obtained. With the burnishing process, we obtain surface strengthening and  protective elevation against corrosion.

The Yamato modular burnishing tools, thanks to the constantly developed design works, allow you to perform work in details of larger shapes. The innovative system of internal springs allows for the safe conduct of microplastic processing on machine tools.

NARZEDZIA-NAPEDZANE-STM-NOWOSC-NA-INNOFORMRevtool cutting tools. Innovative and patented technology allows for much longer and repeatable chiseling work. Thanks to these drives, machine drives are significantly saved, which until now have been significantly loaded with reciprocating motion in the form of machining.

Michigan deburring tools with adjustable  blades aggressiveness. Innovative technology in sharp deburring of cross-cut or exit holes and entry into openings. From now on, after drilling or casting operations, you can quickly get rid of chips, shavings, burrs or perform delicate controlled chamfering.

Flexible brushes with abrasive balls. The proven design and innovative abrasive materials used in production mean that despite the classical design they are still an innovative tools for efficient processing of deburring, smoothing or correction of roughness in many fields.


Xebec abrasive brushes is a constantly developed lineup of tools based on ceramic bristles. Thanks to ceramic fibers, it is possible to carry out precise surface finishing processes after machining. The material used for their construction does not require coolant, additionally has a lower carcinogenic risk than other materials used for the production of this type of tools.


Borries marking units are reliable devices for using in automotive industry, plastics processing, aerospace, general industry. The technologies of mechanical marking used are innovative technology, without any carcinogenic risks as in the case of lasers.

An innovative grade of tool steel SF-2050 Super Hard / MD Xtra - SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 84
SCHMOLZ-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMSCHMOLZ BICKENBACH POLSKA during the INNOFORM® Trade Fair will present an innovative grade of tool steel SF-2050 Super Hard / MD Xtra. This steel is produced by the North American Steelworks Finkl Steel, part of the Schmolz Bickenbach concern. Its excellent properties predispose it to use in plastics processing. It is characterized by: high hardness (355-390 HB) uniform throughout the cross-section, good polishing, excellent weldability and abrasion resistance as well as very high thermal conductivity. It is also well suited for texturing.

Steadyline® vibration damping holders drastically - SECO TOOLS (POLAND) Sp. z o.o. Stand number: 18
SECO-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMAchieving stable conditions, our solution: SteadyllineŸ. SteadylineŸ vibration damping holders drastically improve the dynamic rigidity of milling and turning assemblies. This allows the use of much higher cutting data, with quieter operation and optimum stability. Through a patented passive-dynamic damping system, SteadylineŸ increases productivity, improves surface finish and boosts both tool and spindle life. Incorporating SteadylineŸ into your operations will increase output and reduce operating cost.


New Perfomax drill. Increase your drilling parameters and boost tool life with Seco’s new Perfomax indexable insert drill with optimized chip flutes for optimum chip control and evacuation.

Double – sided round inserts. Double negative positioning in the pocket seats allows the design to incorporate an extra insert per diameter when compared to the R2xx.29. Additionally safe and user-friendly indexing that saves time and provides trouble-free operation.

STÄUBLI ŁÓDŹ - Stand number - 83:
1. Thermoregulation of injections moulds - RMI, MCI
Thermoregulation of injections moulds - HTM
Thermoregulation of injections moulds  - NCI
4. Industrial robots

Thermoregulation of injections moulds - RMI, MCI - Multi-couplings for thermoregulation of moulds. Using of multi-coupling is the best way to reduce time needed to change mould thereby increase productivity of IMM. Additional benefit of this solution is avoiding error connection.

Thermoregulation of injections moulds - HTM – Multi-coupling for high temperature circuit. This is a new solution for high temperature fluids up to 300˚C. Couplings have valves with flat surface, this  solution ensure safety during connect and disconnect operations . Foolproof keying system to prevent any connection error in the event od use of several plates on the same tool.

Thermoregulation of injections moulds  - NCI – Distributor for thermoregulation circuits. It’s unique design allow to create highly optimize system for thermoregulation circuits with centralized connection. Every module can be swiveled around the main axis.

Industrial robots - The newest generation of collaborative robots. Our fast and precise TX2 robots are the next generation of 6-axis robotic arms. This new line of robots is redefining performance with an ideal combination of speed, rigidity, size and precision. These collaborative robots have unique features that make them adaptable to all industries.

MES PHARIS® a unique manufacturing execution system - STIGO Stand number: 41
STIGO-NOWOSCI-TARGOW-INNOFORMMES PHARIS® is a unique manufacturing execution system developed by UNIS. MES PHARIS® covers complex spectrum of functions enabling optimization of the production process from the moment of issuing a manufacturing order to production planning, production control, monitoring including documentation of production to the release of final or semi-finished products. MES PHARIS solutions is suitable both in small companies and large corporations. The program is compatible with a variety of machines, and the interface can be integrated with external systems (ERP, quality systems, etc.)

SUMARIS - Stand number: 43
1. Piggy One is a device that uses the latest ultrasonic technology

Piggy One is a device that uses the latest ultrasonic technology, PiggySonic Mark3 it's reliable polishing ultrasonic system and PiggyWelder 3 it's precision device for welding and repairs. Those devices will ensure excellent results and will save your time and money during the process of welding, polishing or grinding.

The ORLAS CREATOR® is the first affordable 3D metal printing machine, specifically designed for small and medium businesses. A full AM solution comprising a wireless control and an award winning CAD/CAM system.

TENACO Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 90:
1. Makita - wireless AWS system
2. Micrometer MDH-25M
3. Telecentric 70K
4. PRECITOOL laser marker machine 

Makita - wireless AWS system. Enables wireless connection of the vacuum cleaner and power tool using bluetooth so that the vacuum cleaner starts automatically when you start the power tool. The transmission range is up to 10 meters.

Micrometer MDH-25M. It delivers higher accuracy without sacrificing operability, by using Mitutoyo`s innovative and world’s only 0,01 μm resolution ABS  rotary sensor and highest accuracy screw machining technology which reduces instrumental error to just 0,5 μm. Its highly rigid frame and high performance constant-force mechanism enable more stable measurement.


Telecentric 70K. TeleCentric, the centric clamp for 5-sided machining. Due to the construction and the centric telescoping spindle, the disturbing contours remain independent of the chuck capacity. Excellent accessibility is ensured from all sides. The quick jaw change system fitted as standard reduces tooling times and increases flexibility.

PRECITOOL laser marker machine  is ideally suited for precise and quick marking and engraving on metals, plastics, leather, glass and others. Its small dimensions and low weight allow easy transport and work at the site where the device is needed the most. Methods provided by marking machine are: engraving / ablation, foaming, annealing, discoloration.

The Wire electrode named Boline H - TRANSCORN Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 35
TRANSCORN-KOLEJNA-NOWOSC-TARGOW-INNOFORMWe have a pleasure to announce that this year we have entered to our offer a new product branded by Bedra Berkenhoff. This is a wire electrode named Boline H. This very fresh electrode is built with brass core and brass layer with very high percentage of zinc. This kind of layer is called gamma layer. It was already tested by our clients. They confirm more efficient work of this electrode.30% faster in comparison with plain brass electrodes. The quality is worth enough to be branded Bedra. The wire was tested on both Swiss and Japanese machines. Additionally we would like to pronounce that we are again a distributor of Bedra Berkenhoff wires in Poland and in Baltic States also. Since 2001 we have been first and for many years the only one distributor of Bedra wires in Poland. For the moment we stopped cooperation. From now on we offer it again because we have good knowledge about those products. Besides this producer have now improved their offer with new kinds of wires. We would like to propose them to our clients. We invite all interested for trying new offer.

UniFirma AS system - UNIFACTOR S.A. - Stand number: 107


UniFirma AS system: concealing sales prices and purchase prices for individual system users.
The second extension of the system is the scaling of the resolution of the production panel.

VISI POLSKA – Stand number: 96
1. Industrial 3D Printer VSHAPER 270
2. VISI 2018 R1
VSHAPER-NOWOSC-TARGOW-INNOFORMIndustrial 3D Printer VSHAPER 270. VSHAPER 270 is dedicated for industrial prints with PLA, ABS, PMMA, PA, PET-G, HIPS, PVA and PC, characterized by high quality of finish. The printer features closed chamber, heated build platform and ventilation with carbon. V-Port 2.0 extruder with a dock for two heads V-JET 2.0 will allow you to print with 0,2 up to 1,2 mm nozzles. Stable construction ensures failure-free uninterrupted printing in industrial environment.

VISI is CAD CAM software solutions for the Mold & Die industries. It offers a unique combination of applications, fully integrated wireframe, surface and solid modelling, comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5 axis machining strategies with dedicated high speed routines. VISI 2018 R1 has been enriched with many new improvements, including reverse engineering functions, numerous improvements in the Blank module to develop non-linear bends, revision of the algorithm for the Flow module - reduction of calculation time by 40% and new, improved machining

WADIM PLAST Sp. z o.o.  - Stand number - 103:
1. The new user interface
2. The hot- runner system manufacturer, WITOSA

NOWOSC-NA-TARGACH-INNOFORMCADMOULD® 3D-F IN A NEW DESIGN. Not only clean, but also functional: the new user interface has a lot of convenient functions on offer. Starting with the new Version 10.0 at the end of the year, the Cadmould 3D-F simulation software will be equipped with a new user interface. This new design will not just be reduced to visual benefits which the user will find refreshing and well-arranged, but it will also offer a high level of usability.  In addition, the conveniently bright and agreeable surface comes in the shape of a newly created ribbon structure. The menu bar replaces the so-called Simcon-Toolbar, which was used up to now. The new programming is not only down to the Zeitgeist of programming technology - we have also succeeded in making considerably more information and content available at the top operating level while using the same amount of space. 


The WADIM PLAST company for the first time during the INNOFROM fair will have the pleasure to introduce a new partner company, a hot- runner system manufacturer, WITOSA company

1. Generator BP16p for wiping machines
2. Discharge block for electric discharge cutters

Generator BP16p for wiping machines. The BP16p generator extends the capabilities of WAP BP cavity machines by: creating executive programs based on G and M codes, automatic change of operating parameters during the machining process, conducting the drilling process along any section in the machining space. In addition, it offers storage for up to 20 runtime programs in the internal memory of the controller.

Discharge block for electric discharge cutters. Generator BP05d- a new solution of the discharge block allows you to achieve greater efficiency with a better surface. Performance increase up to 100mm2 / min with low operating costs (PLN 4 / hour work). Composite materials can be processed.

Universal presetting and measuring device for cutting tools ZOLLER smile / pilot 2mT - ZOLLER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number: 23
Universal presetting and measuring device for cutting tools >> ZOLLER smile / pilot 2mT << is ideal for plants producing individual parts or small series, where there is a need for frequent change the tools in the tool magazine in the machine, and consequently, an undesirable increase of process costs. With the help of the »smile / pilot 2mT‹‹ there is a very quick way to minimize production costs. An additional improvement can be transfer the measured data to the machine as a single machining tool or a whole package of tools.