Novelties at the INNOFORM® Trade Fair

Novelties at the stands of INNOFORM® Trade Fair Exhibitors

A. MARCINIAK OT Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 56:

  • Venting system SGD
SGD is a venting system based on a mechanical movement that allows for the rapid evacuation of gases through an opening that automatically closes under a pressure of the flowing material pushing onto the valve. Innovative design guarantees patency over the entire service life, and small size (Ø4mm) allows for installation in places previously unavailable, application in moulding cavity in the places indicated by the flow analysis, and on moving parts, such as sliders
AUTOMATECH -  Stand number 22:
  • Modernization of control systems based on the Simatic S7-1500 Fail safe controller, Siemens
  • We use Vision control using cameras with ViDi, Cognex
  • Wireless control systems with safety functions, Jay électronic
Update of control system to the modern hardware platform. We perform the migration of S5 controllers to S7: selection of equipment (I / O), preparation of variable tables and re-addressing, introducing changes to the electrical documentation, special blocks, so that their operation is analogous to the previous ones. We design and adept the program, we perform validation of the program by an independent competent programmer, we exchange equipment (islands, CPU, network) on the line.

We realize applications using VisionPro ViDi by Cognex. Software based on deep learning technology: use of AI to optimize image analysis in applications. Feedback information allow, the distinction between acceptable deviations from actual product defects. It is an excellent tool to solve problems that are too difficult for programs based on traditional machine vision.

We recommend BETA Jay électronique operator modules for specialized solutions for remote radio security control in broadly understood logistics, including relocation, ground handling for goods. For use in every machine park and industry branches thanks to various functions, variants, accessories and possible configurations – tailor made to individual customer needs.

BGM MOLYDAL Sp. J. – Stand number 96:
  • Release agent for molds PLASTIMOLD AL
It complete our range of silicone-free products approved for food contact. It is dedicated for packaging for food and pharmaceutical industries and for toys. It allows following processes like sticking, painting, etc. without degreasing parts.

CBT POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 120:
  • Silicone grease
Silicone grease without smell and color, produced on the basis of methylsinoxane - engine oil. It has an excellent lubricating, insulating and protective function of various materials. Waterproof, protects the surface from the aggressive action of fumes and smoke. It can be used as a protective coating against the oxidation of metal, copper, bronze, brass and silver surfaces. It keeps the surface shiny for a long time.

CNCART MAREK FIOŁKA – Stand number 93:

  • KENtip FS modular drill
  • Duo-Lock modular milling system.
The new modular drill KenTIP™ FS covers more applications and provides better performance than any other modular system, delivering substantial cost savings and process simplifications on shop floor. Maximum performance and long tool life, even in unstable conditions.

Duo-Lock modular milling system. Technology that significantly increases milling speed and durability of the tool. For the first time, the modular milling system can achieve efficiency similar to the latest generation of carbide milling cutters. The short design and corner radii provide stability and reduce deflection forces. Ideally suited to perform long-reach applications on mill-turn machines, and driven tooling on lathes

DORMER PRAMET – Stand number 141:
  • WNHX04 double-sided insert with six-cutting edges
Our family of economical milling tools has been enhanced with several new ranges for semi-finishing and finishing in die and mold applications. The launch features an assortment of WNHX04 double-sided insert with six-cutting edges. Its unique patented wiper edge to generate superior finish on component walls and face, reducing time in cut. Designed for smooth cutting in operations with long overhang, it can be used in contouring, profiling, plunging and face milling applications with a depth of cut up to 2mm.
EMPLAST – Stand number 81:
  • The Orca system

The Orca system is a measuring system to determinate contactless the volume flow and the temperature of liquid media via a double ultrasonic sensor. The sensors unit can be directly mount on the pipeline on the cooling connection of the machine and can be directly connected to the outlets of each cooling channel of the mould. Measurements are visible via the display of the sensor unit and at the same time the data are forward to the display unit.

HSM POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 121:

  • HSM V-Press 860 plus B vertical baling press
With a pressing power of 60 t, 1500 mm wide loading aperture and low-noise and energy-saving rapid-stroke technology, the HSM V-Press 860 plus B is the most economical and ecological solution for cardboard packaging waste disposal, especially of a large-size.
I-COBOTY-  Stand number 125:
  • Robots cooperating with man of the Hanwha
I-COBOTY presents a novelty on the Polish market: robots cooperating with man of the Hanwha brand, which not only automate manual work but also provide a safe and comfortable working environment and effectively reduce operating costs. With a small weight and graphic programming, they are best suited to any production, not just the multi-lot ones. They guarantee optimal use of space and flexibility in various applications. I-COBOTY is an investment in the future.

INAUTOM POLAND – Stand number 71:
  • Hi-speed injection molding machine Tederic
Fully electric hi-speed injection molding machine from famous for reliability Tederic brand. They ensure high precision and stable process; enable high speed injection and significantly shorten cycle times. Tederic electric molding machines are also eco-friendly: they save from 30% to 70% energy in comparision with hydraulic machines.

  • Superhard abrasive tolls for polishing concrete and stone surfaces
Superhard abrasive tolls with a polymer matrix for polishing concrete and stone surfaces. A new composition of a polymer matrix for sintered diamond tools used for polishing concrete and stone surfaces that are used as floors in production halls, stores or public facilities. The developed material allows to eliminate harmful substances in production and to replace them with plastics for which it is not necessary to use special means of self-protection

JORGENSEN EASYTECH - Stand number 114:

  • Move your robot between different tasks
  • Alternative to dedicated jigs and fixtures
  • Flexible vacuum gripper

Cobots from UNIVERSAL ROBOTS may work without safety cage. And when placed on mobile platform from EASY ROBOTICS it is very fast and easy to move them between various tasks. 

When used in assemby, welding and other production, the FLEX HEX HEXAPOD system enables a more cost effective production line setup, reduced fixture storage and quicker adaptation to various production series. 

The ONROBOT VG10 is a plug and produce product for using with cobots from Universal Robots. No air supply required, no external cabling, feed back from vacuum sensors, flexible setting of suction arms, dual grip function, includes innovative tool changer, 10 kg payload.

  • Screwdriver
Screwdriver that is also good for the back - the miniMONSTER xtreme light. It has not only been awarded the seal of approval by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (Healthy Backs Campaign), but is also extremely strong. The new Mini Monster Edition impact screwdriver also rotates at 10,000 idle revolutions. And its release torque of 1,390 Nm is also impressive. At the same time it is very quiet.

PENCOM - Stand number 60:
  • LSZ Low Stress Zerts
LSZ Low Stress Zerts – inserts supplied with a rounded knurl pattern that reduces stress in notch sensitive amorphous thermoplastics. The double-ended symmetrical design assists automatic feeding by eliminating the need for orientation during installation.

PEWAG POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 123:

  • Radio controlled pewag levo hook LH5
Loads that are difficult to reach: The levo hook offers optimal support for works performed at great heights, in construction pits or in extreme temperatures (-20° to +60°C). Works performed in dangerous areas: The levo hook increases safety for workers, in particular during speedy work processes. Critical situations are avoided thanks to automated loading and unloading. Works that require additional manpower: Thanks to the innovative levo hook, work processes are made easier as the crane operator is able to attach and unhook the load independently.

SPIE POLSKA - Stand number 16:
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Water and gas extinguishing systems
We offer charging stations for electric vehicles in the full power range: from 3.7 kW, 22 kW, 50 kW, up to 600 kW for bus charging. We provide design documentation, technical selection, delivery, installation and start-up of the station, as well as their warranty and post-warranty service. The offer is addressed to institutions that adhere to the idea of smart city and business, for whom e-mobility is a chance to optimize the cost of the fleet and the expression of responsibility.

Water and gas extinguishing systems - we design, install and run the most demanding systems, adapted to the specifics of the protected facility. Our offer includes gas extinguishing systems, water (sprinkler, sprinkler and foam) as well as AQUASYS water mist. We perfectly know the specifics of different types of buildings and recommend appropriate devices that quickly and effectively detect a fire and start a fire extinguishing operation.

STANLEY BLACK & DECKER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Stand number 120:
  • FACOM Find My LIGHT inspection lamp (779.CL5)
FACOM Find My LIGHT inspection lamp (779.CL5) – Avoid losing your workshop lamp with the use of new technologies. Our modern lamp connected to the docking base automatically let you know when your lamp is moving from the workshop to a distance greater than set in the configuration system. Professional, durable, compact, provides intense lighting in the examination area - these are just some of the advantages of the lamp. Find out for yourself!

WIHA WERKZEUGE GmbH - Stand nuber 120:
  • SpeedE® screwdriver
Thanks to the speedE® screwdriver, fastening and unscrewing operations are performed at least twice as fast compared to a normal screwdriver, and the material protection function gives the user full control of the tightening force. When 0.4 Nm is reached, the electrical power supply is automatically switched off to protect the material, and the final tightening of the screw can be carried out manually.

VISI POLSKA – Stand number 66:
  • VSHAPER 500 Industrial 3D Printer
  • VISI 2019 R1
VSHAPER 500 is an additive manufacturing machine for industrial production that stands out with 430/430/450 mm workspace and the extruder with two V-JET heads. The machine allows printing with two materials in one process. Using basic material together with as soluble support material in the process of additive manufacturing allows the user to create remarkably complicated large-scale elements with unique precision.

VISI 2019 R1 is CAD CAM software solutions for the Mold & Die industries. It offers a unique combination of applications, fully integrated wireframe, surface and solid modelling, comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5 axis machining strategies with dedicated high speed routines. The system supports material flow analysis and progressive die design with step-by-step unfolding. It supports flow simulation, allowing to analyze all stages of the process – beginning with filling phase, holding phase through shape phase. VISI allows  unfolding nonlinear geometry including calculating safety zones and springback effect.