2024 edition

The plastics industry facing environmental challenges

The 6th edition of the International Cooperative Trade Fair of Tools and Processing Industry INNOFORM® is behind us. On April 16-18, toolmakers and plastics processors met in Bydgoszcz to familiarize themselves with the offers of 170 companies from around the world. 2,723 professionals had the opportunity to learn about the offer addressed to the molding industry and took an active part in company presentations, discussion panels, conferences and a brokerage event. An important element of the fair was also an educational day addressed to students of vocational schools.

Focus on recycling and sustainable development
The Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley and the Targi w Krakowie Ltd. have been involved in promoting good environmentally friendly practices since the beginning of the organization of the trade fair. The consequence of these activities was the conference "Plastic Recycling in the thicket of regulations, still a noble idea or already a utopia?". The first part of the conference concerned the topic of sustainable development in the field of polymers and the impact of new regulations on the condition of enterprises. The second part was devoted to ESG reporting, which will have a significant impact on business activities in the near future. The panel participants were practitioners, representatives of the banking sector and science, who provided tips on how to implement sustainable development policy in the context of competitive advantage. A novelty of this year's edition was the separation of the Plastics Recycling Exhibition in part of the exhibition. Several companies took part and presented the latest technologies, machines and recyclates.


As Estera Jamrozek, Area Sales Manager from M-A-S Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH, emphasizes, Recycling plays a huge role in our society. It is important to promote it not just as a passing fad, but as a lasting change in our approach and way of thinking. It is crucial that we recycle plastic products rather than just making new ones from virgin raw materials, especially given the availability of such options on the market.

Arkadiusz Badziński, Technical and Commercial Manager of the tool shop at DTM System, sums up - There are questions about recycling and care for the environment. We assume that we need to optimize production to make it as beneficial as possible for the customer, which means we use everything that we can still use. For example, if we have some waste that we generate ourselves, we try to reuse it. We do not throw away these materials and try to reuse them in our own circulation. The material cycle in our company usually goes in a circle - if we have a molding with an error, we try to process it again to eliminate the error and use it 100%. So as not to generate unnecessary waste.


New solutions, new products and new companies
During the trade fair, several hundred solutions dedicated to tool rooms and injection molding plants were presented. Visitors could see, among others: with machines with increased efficiency, ensuring reduced energy costs, water savings, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced cooling requirements; new grades of steel with high thermal conductivity; mold mounting systems; injection simulation software, components for molds and stamping dies; bioplastics and ecological mold cleaning services. As every year, there were also companies debuting at the INNOFORM® Trade Fair.

We are currently expanding our operations throughout Europe, but Poland is of course still one of the main markets where we are actively developing, which is why we are looking for new opportunities to present our offer here. In addition to participating in the largest industry fairs in Poland, we also look favorably on the specialized tool fair in Bydgoszcz. The very dynamic Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley operates here. Bydgoszcz is also a hub of tool companies and dynamically operating university research units that closely cooperate with this sector. Therefore, we believe that this is the perfect place where we can present Bole's potential - says Jacek Leszczyński, Chief Marketing Officer, BOLE Europe Technology.


Success starts with meetings

Success starts with meetings
An important element of the trade fair is Science for Industry - a zone where scientific units annually present achievements and opportunities dedicated to the molding industry. An additional advantage of this year's edition were the accompanying events - the Brokerage Event and the Company Presentation Zone, which created an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts and expand knowledge about the latest solutions. It is worth emphasizing that INNOFORM® is not only a place for presenting products and services, but above all a platform for exchanging experiences and building a future vision for the tool and processing industry.

This is appreciated by Agnieszka Królik, Marketing Specialist at AMS International: Compared to othersthese fairs, which are gigantic and you are incognito, there is a very friendly atmosphere between exhibitors and companies that present themselves. It turns out that many people have known each other for years. We cooperate with each other, we recommend each other, so it is definitely a unique event worth attending. Marcin Kupidura, Sales Director of Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG adds - The Bydgoszcz fair is a medium-sized fair, but despite its not very large dimensions, we had a lot of traffic and quite a lot of interest. There were more specific customers and targeted in their demand. We definitely always want more, but we are satisfied. Nice fair, pleasant atmosphere, maybe less than elsewhere, but certainly more specific.

See you next year!
The tool and processing industry is an industry that faces new challenges. We invite you to discuss them during the next 7th edition of the INNOFORM® Trade Fair on March 4-6, 2025 in Bydgoszcz.

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