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Pafana S.A.
Unique technology for efficient production of craniofacial customized medical implants

The Engineers from the Product Development Department of Pabianicka Fabryka Narzędzi “PAFANA” S.A. have developed a unique technology for efficient production of craniofacial customized medical implants. Customized implants are designed for a specific patient who has suffered an injury in an accident and had their craniofacial bones amputated due to neoplastic changes. A reconstructed organ is designed using specialist graphics software by experts from the Łódź Bionanopark based on CT scans of the patient’s healthy and damaged bones. A verified model of an implant printed using the 3D printing technology is subject to acceptance by a surgeon.

A team of process engineers and programmers of PAFANA prepares a finished implant using medical materials, such as the medical-grade polyethylene Chirulen or the medical-grade titanium alloy Ti6Al4V-5ELI.

Implants are manufactured with a new technology using the hybrid milling and laser cutting machine Laser 1300 da Vinci made by the Italian company C.B. Ferrari. We use high-performance monolithic mills designed and made in PAFANA, which allow machining with volume performance of 4 cm3/min, tool life of 240 min, and tool paths with a total length of 100,000 metres per single tool!

The technological innovation stems from the choice of the right tool structure, machine configuration (power and torque of the main drive, rotational speed, tool cooling with a high pressure of 70 bar). We offer specific machining arrangement with an additional support for the object and specific machining strategy achieved through the selection of appropriate tool paths by PAFANA engineers in CAM HyperMill software.

The first implants made in PAFANA were implanted in patients and the risk of reoperation (which is typical for standard commercial implants) was greatly reduced thanks to implant customization.

Prepared by: Andrzej Styczyński, Pabianicka Fabryka Narzędzi „PAFANA” S.A.

Firma MITSUBISHI MATERIALS - Stand number: 91
A perfect balance between tool life and increased feed parameters and cutting speed

The VFF endmills series of Mitsubishi Materials are ideal for machining materials with a hardness of 50 ÷ 60 HRC. Their geometry with a double radius of the corner, combining the large and small radius of the cutting edge, enables obtaining thinner chips during face milling and makes it easier to achieve a perfect balance between tool life and increased feed parameters and cutting speed. In addition, due to the appropriate shape of the chips generated during machining, the cutting force in the radial direction is reduced, which reduces the vibrations and deviations of the tool from the axis.