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Bydgoszcz has been an industrial centre of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for many years. Companies from the strong and dynamically developing production sector employ almost half of all people working in the City, and the industrial past of Bydgoszcz is an important context for creating a modern economic climate, the development of local enterprises, creative industries or modern technologies and production.

Strong and modern production on a global scale

Although companies from the industrial sector account for less than 9% of the total number of business entities operating in Bydgoszcz, they employ over 50% of all people working in the City. The local economy is based on electromechanical, transport, tool and plastics processing, armaments, electronic, telecommunications or food industries. Bydgoszcz enterprises successfully operate on European and global markets, joining the group of leaders in their industries. Our local players are PESA Bydgoszcz, ABRAMCZYK, IMMOBILE Group (formerly MAKRUM ), BELMA, or Projprzem. The investment values of the City are appreciated not only by Polish but also by many foreign investors, such as Unilever, Tyco Electronics (TE Connectivity group), or Neupack.

The well-developed industrial sector in Bydgoszcz plays a dominant role in regional export. Today, modern production and technology are developing in Bydgoszcz, and the products of local companies are sent to customers from all over the world. Additionally, the development and internationalization of the sector actively support the activities of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster, which has had the status of the National Key Cluster since 2016.

Intensive development of the Bydgoszcz tool and processing industry

The tool and processing industry is of great importance in Bydgoszcz. When speaking of its potential, it is worth pointing out that there are more than 190 companies involved in the processing of plastics and approx. 30 tool rooms operating in the City and providing employment to approx. 4,000 people. Tool and processing industry companies operating in Bydgoszcz are realising new investments and are developing very dynamically. From 2013 employment in the industry grew by approx. 400 people and salaries increased by about 18%). The companies from the sector include: SIROPOL, APLEX, HANPLAST, HOLKAP, KAPLAST, KLG, Lifocolor Farbplast, NOVUMPLAST, ARRK Shapers Polska, POLITECH, KONEK PSN, or TMR Plastics.

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Growing warehouse and logistics market

A strong manufacturing sector in Bydgoszcz, combined with a convenient location in the triangle between Warsaw, Poznań and the Tri-City, also favours the expansion of the warehouse and logistics market in the City. The central location of Bydgoszcz on the map of Poland, access to the international airport, as well as excellent connection to sea ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia, and large economic centres such as Berlin and Wrocław are important factors considered by warehousing and logistics investors when selecting the location for their businesses. The increase in the attractiveness of Bydgoszcz as a logistic centre is also influenced by the prospect of the construction of S5 and S10 expressways that will connect the coast with Silesia and Warsaw with Szczecin.

The production sector and related warehouse and logistics industries are the key areas for further economic development of the City. The potential of Bydgoszcz has already been noticed, among others, by developers who look in this direction in the context of launching investments in the form of modern warehouse spaces. In the last two years the warehousing area has dynamically increased from 188,000 m2 to 345,000 m2. Meanwhile, more than 210,000 m2 of modern high-standard warehouse parks remain under development or are being planned.

Attractive conditions for investors

Extensive areas of about 150 hectares located entirely within the City only a short distance from the international airport and providing convenient access to national roads and rail transport are available for sale for investors. In addition to typical undeveloped greenfield sites, Bydgoszcz offers brownfield sites with warehouses and production halls. The plots offered are equipped with road and technical infrastructure and are included in the local spatial development plans. Thanks to that, the potential investor can concentrate only on choosing the property that suits him. A convenient source of information for entrepreneurs in this area is the database of investment offers maintained by the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency. It includes all available areas and facilities of various sizes and destinations.

An important aspect for investors and for further development of the production, warehouse and logistics sector in the City is access to appropriate human resources. A total of approx. one million people inhabit the area of Bydgoszcz and the closest neighbourhood within the radius of 50 km and more than half of the total number of students of the province studies at universities located in the City. An additional advantage for investors is often the fact that already at the level of secondary schools, Bydgoszcz has clearly focused on education with a technical profile. The City also actively supports the cooperation of educational institutions with the business community.

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Professional support of investment processes

Efficient and effective implementation of investment processes in the City is comprehensively supported by the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency (BARR). The agency offers investment services in "one stop shop" formula and assistance within the so-called post-investment care. BARR supports investors in finding suitable land or built-up area, obtaining necessary administrative decisions and permits, conducting recruitment processes, or applying for investment incentives available in the City. The agency also helps entrepreneurs with applying for available funds for the development of their activities, organises cooperative exchanges, trainings, and business workshops.

In addition to the services provided by BARR, investors looking for a convenient place to locate their investment can rely on additional incentives in Bydgoszcz in the form of, for example, real estate tax exemptions or instruments supporting the creation of workplaces. Depending on the preferences and needs of entrepreneurs, Bydgoszcz offers various forms of incentives and BARR specialists individually advise investors in the selection of the most advantageous solutions.

An attractive offer of investment areas, constantly expanded and modernised infrastructure, friendly climate for living and running a business, as well as access to qualified staff make Bydgoszcz a good market with great potential for further growth. This is confirmed by successfully realised investments and subsequent inquiries flowing to BARR, as well as numerous awards granted to Bydgoszcz as the most investor-friendly city in Poland.

Check the current database of investment offers in Bydgoszcz:

The event is co-financed from the funds of the Regional Operational Program of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020 and from the budget of the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency.