The innovations in good form: INNOFORM®- for those kind of trade fair whole Tools and Processing Industry has waiting

Join us! We strongly believe that nothing strengthens the relationship with customers as much as direct conversation and company presentation at the Trade Fair.








There will still be time to analyse the exact figures, but I can already say that on the second day of the trade show in particular, the number of clients was much higher than the year before. Just as last year, we are satisfied. Even though the previous edition attracted a relatively lower turnout than other trade show events, the visitors meant business. They were no collectors, idle observers, but people who knew they wanted to help their businesses grow. The situation is similar this year, but the turnout is greater. I think that the trade show is going in the right direction. We will definitely come again next year (...)



Wojciech Głuszek







We came to INNOFORM® for the first time last year. Afterwards, it took us only 2-3 months to close the deal for the sale of 3 machines! The seeds had been sown here at the trade show. From the very first minute, I felt that this edition would also be very successful. I was right: clients crowded to our booth all the time; I held talks back to back. If I could clone myself, my clone would have had its hands full all the time (laugh). I'm very impressed; we gained many new clients. We also met companies we'd never be able to find anywhere else! We'll definitely come again next year.



Mateusz Haberski




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